10 Tips to Lose the Extra Weight You Gained From the Holidays

Feeling guilty from overeating over the holidays? Many people surely can relate. Christmas and New Year holidays are joyous events and people usually forget about their diets and usual routine during these couple of weeks. As a result, you gain extra weight that you hate dearly!

Do not be disheartened because in this article, we will give you 10 tips to help you say goodbye to extra fat you gained over the holidays. We understand how frustrating it is to go back to the office and to your usual activities with everyone saying and commenting how you gained weight and how you looked “bloated”.

Go back to your original weight and figure by following these tips:

  1. Know your goals – first of all, you should set your goals both long-term and short-term. For example, do you wish to lose 2 pounds a week and probably lower down your fat percentage? List down your goals to motivate yourself. It is also best to set timelines to achieve these goals.
  2. Start counting calorie-intake – during the holidays, you probably ate lots of ham, turkey, steak, cheese, pasta, not to mention the alcoholic drinks as well as sodas that you consumed. All of those contain enormous amount of calories, which is why you are now on your state. So now that the holidays are over it is time to start counting your calorie-intake. Be cautious about the right amount of calories that you should only be consuming in a day.
  3. Eat breakfast – it is very important to eat breakfast no matter how busy you are. You can eat quick meals like cereals, coffee, or a piece of fruit if you’re busy.
  4. Do not skip meals – when you are on a diet, you should make sure to eat on time and never to skip a meal. Skipping meals can lead you to feeling hungry and there’s a tendency that you will binge eat which you should avoid.
  5. Drink lots of water – one trick to remember is to drink a glass of water before your meals and all throughout the day. This will keep you hydrated and full.
  6. Eat vegetables and fruits for snacks – avoid eating junk foods. Instead, you should eat fruits and vegetables for snacks. It will be a lot healthier for you.
  7. Eat often but lesser – to keep you away from eating too much you should eat more often like 6 times a day but the amount should be smaller and lesser.
  8. Drink healthy supplements – in proper weight management, you should have balanced diet, exercise, and it is important that you drink healthy supplements to keep you away from sickness as well as help your body burn fats and calories faster.
  9. Walk – when you’re going in a nearby location, try to avoid using your car or riding a cab instead, you should just walk. It will help you burn calories.
  10. Exercise at least 3 times a week – it is not easy but you should exercise at least three times a week to help you lose fat in a healthy manner and develop lean muscles at the same time. You should care for your proper posture and figure as well.

It is important to impose self-discipline if you want to meet your goals of going back to your original weight and shape as soon as possible. Follow the tips discussed and in a few weeks or a month, you’ll be able to wear your old pair of skinny jeans again.

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