All You Need to Know about Steam Showers – and Why You can Definitely Benefit from One

Steam showers are getting a lot of attention nowadays, as we want more-than-a-basic shower that can transform our shower experience in many ways. Gone is the day of the traditional shower – if you want a shower that can rejuvenate and relax your mind and body at the same time, then a steam shower is for you. But what exactly is a steam shower, how does it work, and what are its benefits?

Steam shower basics

A steam shower is, simply put, a shower enclosure or cubicle that produces – and seals in – moisture or steam. The steam shower works by having cold water delivered to a steam generator, which, in turn, is heated up. The steam generator heats up until the water is boiling, and when this happens, steam is released into the enclosure through holes or apertures. Most modern steam showers are equipped with digital or touch-screen panels which allow you to make adjustments to the temperature of the steam and its duration. You can also opt for a steam shower with more advanced features, such as aromatherapy, music, lighting, and water jets.

What to consider when selecting a steam shower

Aside from the above-mentioned features, you should look for a steam shower that can provide you with a good performance and speed of delivery. For instance, some good models can build up steam in less than one minute. You should also consider touch-screen controls for your steam shower, as this makes it easy to make the adjustments you want. When purchasing a steam shower, you may want to opt for the auto-flush feature, which can reduce the deposits of calcium in the shower’s heating fixture or element and relieves you of having to flush out the fixtures every so often.

The ‘green’ aspect of steam showers

You don’t even have to feel guilty every time you use your steam shower, either – compared to traditional showers which can use up a lot of water, even if you use the steam shower for about twenty minutes, it will only consume a little less than two gallons. Even a water- and energy-efficient shower head actually uses as much as 50 water gallons for 20 minutes! This only proves the efficiency of steam showers – and their actual benefit to the environment.

The benefits of a steam shower for your mind and body

If you spend time in the steam shower regularly, you can benefit from clearer skin. The steam unclogs the pores and removes trapped dirt and grime from the skin. Another benefit of steam showers is that they can enhance your circulation, give you relief from colds, cough, and other respiratory ailments, and give you relief from stress and anxiety. With a steam shower, you not only cleanse and detoxify your body – you can cleanse and detoxify your mind as well.

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