Before Training to be a Caregiver: What You Need to Do if Coming from Another Country

The demand for caregivers in the UK has risen dramatically in recent years, as more and more individuals live longer and live alone. Also, not everyone can be a caregiver – just because one has the right attitude and the willingness, it doesn’t mean that they can already apply to be a caregiver just like that. Training is necessary, and when it comes to caregiver training, you have to make sure to absorb and remember all that you can.

But if you would like to become a UK caregiver and have already submitted your application and been contacted by an agency, the next step is to have your training scheduled. However, if you are coming from another country, such as South Africa, Zimbabwe, or other countries outside the UK, then you would need a few days or weeks to prepare before you begin your training course in the UK.

Make preparations a few days (or even weeks) in advance

Of course, we are already assuming that you already have all the required paperwork and documentation, which would include a visa or work permit or other legal proof of your ability to work in the UK, a certificate from the Disclosure and Barring Service stating your clean record, and your updated CV. And even if you have already submitted these documents to the agency, make sure you set aside and bring copies as well.

It would always be best to make preparations for your training, especially if you are coming from another country, a few days – or even weeks – in advance. This is so you would not be in a flurry when you have to leave. And, once you arrive in the UK, make sure to have a few days where you can arrange and organise such tasks as opening a bank account, purchasing a mobile phone or acquiring a SIM card, and making other necessary arrangements (contacting loved ones, etc.). Most caregivers make it a point to arrive a few days before the scheduled training so they can sort all the above-mentioned out.

What you need to remember

When you arrive in the UK, you will first undergo the appropriate training as a caregiver in order to get the right Live in care jobs. You may also have to take public transport, so it is best to familiarise yourself with public transport stations and routes right away. You should also bring with you all the necessary documents as proof of your identification when traveling around, such as a driving licence, a passport, and other proofs of your identification.

Live in carer jobs are plentiful if you know where to look and where to go. And, by dealing with the right agency, you can get even more advantages as well.

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