Do You Know How to Handle a Car Accident?

Car accidents can be one of the most jarring things that can happen to anyone. And, regardless how perfect your driving is, it’s impossible to control how others do leaving you susceptible to these unfortunate events. Do you know what to do in the event you ever find yourself on the side of the road dealing with a minor accident?


First things first. If you’ve been in an accident, you need to be sure you get medical attention if you need it. If you feel any pain, or have significant scrapes or bruising, there’s no reason to be the tough guy. Call 911 immediately after the accident happens so that you can get the proper medical attention you need.


If you’ve managed to escape your accident physically unscathed, you still need to call 911 first to report the accident. Oftentimes, other motorists can beat you to this, but it makes sense to put the call in yourself just in case. You’ll need a police officer to complete an accident report so that you can properly file the event with your insurance company.


If the other driver with whom you were in an accident is amiable, you can share your insurance information well before the police officer arrives. If you’d rather the police handle this part, that can happen to. They’ll ensure that you have all the information you need once their reports are finalized.


If the accident was a minor fender bender, you’ll likely be able to drive your vehicle away. If there is significant damage to the frame or engine of your car, you’ll probably need to get it towed. Call your insurance company to initiate this process. There are probably tow companies that they prefer dealing with and this service might be covered by your policy.


Once the accident is far off in your rearview mirror, you will need to see about getting the damage fixed. Your insurance company will probably want you to get three estimates from mechanics in your area. If you need help finding reputable mechanics, check out the service locator tool on for help.

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