Exhibition Stands At Fitness & Health Conferences Are Invaluable

As a fitness and health business owner you will often find it hard to get customers in your door on the high street, most of the people who really buy that kind of product will get it either online or via the gym where they go to workout. By going to a conference you are getting your whole target market in one room, if you can’t sell there then you are doing something wrong. You can connect with business owners and trade tips; you can sell in bulk to other businesses such as gyms or leisure centres or just go directly to customers who are purchasing the products for themselves.

The items that tend to sell best at a health and fitness conference are protein shakes, vitamins and some types of gym equipment like cross trainers and treadmills. These products are expensive but at a conference people often feel like they’ll have the best selection and best prices because of the competition therefore you should really set aggressive sales targets when there to try and get as much money in as possible.

Exhibition stands are the key to attracting customers to your business, you need them to look professional, well designed and have something that stands out to people as they pass. Try and design it with bright colours and have either a free sample or something for customers to try out so that you are interacting with them and giving them a reason to come over to your stall. This is the hardest part of a sale and once you are talking to them most of the time you should be able to sell them something. The location of your stand is very important as well, you don’t want to be directly next to somebody selling the same product and being near the door is fantastic. This way you are the first stall that people see when they walk in, they may take a note of the prices and look at others whilst they walk round but they need to pass you again on the way out which is when you have a great chance for a sale.

Aside from trying to generate sales, conferences are a great place to network. You can find out about new products that other people are testing and create partnerships with like minded business owners. Networking is an essential part of business especially in an area that changes as much as the health market.

6 years ago

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