Five Ingredients to a Quality Whitening Cream

Whitening creams are greatly used across the globe by men and women alike either for personal reasons or work-related purposes. Using a whitening product does not just beautify and enhance the skin or face of a person, but it also increases confidence and self-esteem that one has for his self. In the market today, there are many ingredients used to produce a quality whitening cream but among the endless list, five ingredients stand the most.



One of the most important ingredients in making a quality whitening cream is the Glutathione. Glutathione has made a reputable name in the field of skin-whitening simply because it works immediately and naturally. Made up of amino acids and present in every cell in the body, Glutathione has a vital key role in the cellular metabolism. As an anti-oxidant and detoxifier also, Glutathione actively protects the body from free radicals that can affect us negatively and aids the immune system in functioning properly. The significance of Glutathione has been proven over the years with more than thousands of scientific studies. As a matter of fact, it has been believed that intake of Glutathione is just as important in drinking water, breathing oxygen and eating food.

Many people have turned to use whitening creams that contain Glutathione because of its skin-lightening effect. Aside from the protection from dangerous toxins, Glutathione also actively influences the melanin formation in the epidermis to the dermis, toeffectively lighten the skin.  Glutathione is also used to lessen the visibility of unappealing scars, acnes, age spots, and since it’s naturally produced in the liver, it is guaranteed as safe for everyone.
Bearberry Extract

Even before, Bearberry has been used to treat infections, kidney stones and other illnesses. Derived as an herb, Bearberry has antiseptic properties and energy booster attribute that are both excellent for the skin. Next to Glutathione, Bearberry is among the most chosen to be an essential ingredient in every whitening product since its natural component fight and prevents diseases to offer safety to many people including those that are skin-sensitive. Specifically, Bearberry extract also works to fight against superbugs,a very dangerous bacterium dubbed as worse than AIDS.

One lesser known facts of Bearberry extract is that it contains a hypo pigmenting component that produces effective whitening result on the skin. The extract is usually mixed with other ingredients when it comes to making cosmetics because when used alone, Bearberry can be very powerful. Bearberry should be used mildly to prevent any problems from occurring because of over bleaching.


Arbutin is derived from the leaves of the Bearberry and also one of the most used ingredient in many skin lightening products. Most products contain Arbutin that effectively whiten the skin and treat hyperpigmentation. It is a water soluble glucoside that works faster than any other skin whitening ingredients. One good thing about Arbutin is that it doesn’t come with negative effects that may arise from using any Arbutin-based products. In treating melasma, chloasma and freckles, and lessening dark spots specifically in the armpit, Arbutin is greatly preferred and used. This is because like many other skin whitening ingredients, Arbutin actively manipulates the melanin formation to reverse skin-darkening and produce fairer skin.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a vitamin taken internally to protect the body from free radicals roaming around. Vitamin E is actually more than that—it’s also used in cosmetics and whitening lotions. As such, Vitamin E is among the best ingredients for a quality whitening cream since it has many benefits and advantages. Rather than being a powerful antioxidant, Vitamin E also enhances skin complexion by preserving cells to produce a youthful look and assisting in the constant cell renewal process to prevent our skin from looking very dull and rough. Through cell renewal, dead skin cells are removed to be replaced by new fresh skin cells for a fairer skin.  Vitamin E is also very effective in reversing the wrinkle formation especially underneath our eyes.
Seaweed Extract

Seaweed itself is packed with a lot of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that essentially help maintain a youthful looking skin. This marine organism is proven to help slow the aging process with a higher sense of safety from external factors and also a home to over 60 elements. Studies have greatly shown that there is a significant difference in the skin wrinkles before and after use of Seaweed extract and drastic improvement in skin appearance.

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