Get rid of undereye bags and dark circles – Some effective ways of taking care of your eyes

Are you someone who suffers from dark circles or under-eye bags? Under-eye bags are one of the first signs of aging but there are some other things like allergies, lack of sleep and other habits which promote retention of water under your eyes. They’re a cosmetic concern which can make people look tired and also under the weather and sick. If you don’t want such things to make you look aged, there are some steps that you need to take. What are they? Check out some quick remedies, some permanent cosmetic solutions and some other long term strategies that you can try out.

  1. Reduce the intake of salt: Don’t use that salt shaker too much! Don’t forget that water always automatically finds its way from those body part which lack in sodium to those that have most of it. The area which is located around your eyes is one of the finest examples. If you take a dinner which is loaded with salt, you can experience puffiness around your eyes next morning. Hence, it is better to reduce the intake of salt.
  2. Try to cure your allergies: Watery and puffy eyes are very common during the allergy season. If you didn’t know till now, those medicines which you get over-the-counter can take away your cold, allergies, sinus and also can dry up all the puffiness in your eyes. It can also bid goodbye to running nose.
  3. Utilize a neti pot: How about trying to use a neti pot? Well, this looks like a small teapot which you can use to pour salt water into one of your nostril and allow it to drain off the other. Although it sounds weird but it can actually flush out the added moisture within your sinuses from seasonal cold, allergies and infections.
  4. Change the position in which you sleep: Are you more of a side sleeper or a stomach sleeper? You might not have known but gravity causes more fluid to collect beneath your eyes and that may explain the reason behind your fluffy eye bags. You may try out a new position of sleeping under your back or you might even add another pillow under your head.
  5. Take off your makeup before going to bed: Don’t ever make the mistake of going off to sleep with your eye makeup. It can make your eyes watery and hence it can also lead to morning puffiness. You can wash off the makeup with water and soap and use a remover to let go of all dullness.
  6. Go less on alcohol: A glass of wine is definitely okay but you shouldn’t overdo it. When you booze daily, it can eliminate water from your body and that will make your skin around the eyes sink like a pouch. You can choose to drink water before going to bed and then use a moisturizer in order to take care of your eyes.

If nothing works for your eyes, you may then opt for top under eye treatment as that will probably be the last resort that may work for you.

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