Ideas for a Beach Body Diet and Workout Plan

There’s no secret to getting into shape for those long summer days spent on a sunny beach. Diets and exercise plans have to be right up there at the top of your list but then so do some well-chosen dietary aids, and there are plenty available these days. If you get it right and choose the right kind which suit you, it takes a lot of the hard work out of achieving that gorgeous beach body you crave. The one thing you mustn’t forget is to set yourself up a great beach body diet and workout plan you can keep to.

dietThe Importance of Drinking Up

Forget the myth about how drinking lots of water will make you bloated – if the truth be known, it’s the complete opposite. If you don’t hydrate your body, it keeps what it can underneath the skin’s surface. The result? That unwanted and unsightly puffy look.

However, diuretics are a no-no and this includes anything containing caffeine. Alcohol needs to be avoided too. By drinking anything from six to eight glasses of water a day for three days running, not only will you feel that much better, but you’ll have lost weight and appear slimmer too. Your body will seem more toned simply because the water it stores is under the muscles which mean they appear more defined.

Leave Carbs Alone

Just about everyone loves pasta but by not eating any sort of carb over a period of a few days can make a massive difference. When a body can’t rely on carbs for energy – that’s when it starts to burn fat!

In place of carbs, you need to eat lean protein like fish, poultry, eggs, legumes and not forgetting the all-important veggies. The chances are you might feel a bit hungry so to combat the hunger pangs, you should try to eat six small meals a day limiting your fruit intake to about one or two pieces. This is because of the high levels of sugar fruit contains. The other thing to bear in mind is to eat any fruit earlier in the day, and preferably before 2 pm which means your body will have loads of time to digest it fully.

The Importance of Shut Eye

Sleep, they say is a fantastic healer and so it is for the body. Getting enough restful sleep can work wonders and it speeds up metabolism too. After a good night’s sleep, the body has fully recovered and recharged itself so it operates at optimum capacity. The result is any food you eat is processed more efficiently and that much quicker too.

Exercise Routines That Work

However, diet alone will not achieve that perfect beach body you crave. You need to set up an exercise routine and then stick to it at the same time as you watch your food intake. You don’t need any sophisticated equipment to get yourself back into shape. In fact, everyday things around the house, including a chair, can be turned into a piece of exercise equipment that will help get those muscles back into shape.

The key to setting up an exercise routine that works for you, is it has to fit in with your lifestyle. If you attempt something you don’t normally do, the chances are you’ll have trouble sticking to it. Staying motivated is the hardest thing about keeping up with a workout routine – think about doing your exercises with a friend who wants to get back into shape for the summer too!

Consider Dietary Aids

You may also be thinking about taking some dietary aids, and there are plenty of them available on the market. However, these need to be taken whilst you follow your diet and exercise routine in order for them to work. It’s a myth to think you can just take any sort of dietary aid on its own and get that perfect beach body look. You might want to take some sort of tablet or you could go the easier route and include some specially formulated diet drops which work very effectively.


Getting back into shape ready for those glorious hot summer months does not have to be an impossible task. As long as you set yourself up with a great diet, a workout plan you can stick to and then consider taking a dietary aid so you achieve the best results, you may find it’s a lot easier than you first thought to get that beach body you always wanted.

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