Is Obesity Genetic And If So How To Fight Against It

Obesity is a growing problem across the western world. Whatever the government and various health services seem to recommend the problem is getting worse. There have been various pieces of research carried out over the years but nothing seems to have brought up anything conclusive. However, there have been some interesting results with regards to genes. A selection of genes have been found that have some influence on weight and it is thought that this has some effect on our size.


However, there has also been some research showing that genes are not the only influence on weight. It has been found that despite having a ‘fat’ gene some people are slim and some without the ‘fat’ gene are overweight. This means that environment has some part to play as well.

This is a very positive thing. It means that even if you are genetically programmed to be obese, you can still do something about it. It may be more difficult for you to do it, but it is possible. This also means that there is no excuse. Just because you have a tendency to be big, it does not mean that you have to be. You can fight against your genes and become slim.

Everyone knows that eating healthily and exercising regularly is the way to fight against obesity. It may not be easy for everyone to do but it has been found to be successful. There are many different diets though, but it is worth trying different types to see which works for you. It is necessary to do one which can be sustained in the long term though as losing weight through something that only lasts a week will not work as the weight will go back on when you return to your normal eating habits. It is necessary to modify your whole lifestyle with regards to eating and exercise in order to maintain that weight loss.

There are different ways of thinking with regards to weight loss at the moment, the main ones being the low fat versus the low carb diet. However, as long as you lose weight and become healthier, which diet you choose is unimportant. Try both for a month each and see which one you like the best, which helps you to lose the most amount of weight and which makes you feel healthier and then trust what your body is telling you.

It is good to know that even if obesity seems to run in the family, you can fight against it. Whether it is due to the fact that the family all have the same poor eating habits or because they have a ‘fat’ gene something can be done. It is possible to change your lifestyle to be able to get thinner. It may be difficult and there will always be some people that find it more difficult than others, but many people have done it and that means that it is possible. Good luck with making some positive and healthy changes!

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