Make sure your beloved pet has all the required nutrients

Pets are members of the family and we care for them as much as our children, which is why we want to make sure we are giving our pets the correct nutrition. This can be confusing, after all pets are not humans! If you have a variety of pets, you may need to consider different requirements for them.

Guide to dog nutrition
There are plenty of guides to pet nutrition out there and one of the best sources of advice is Hills pet nutrition. We can do a lot to ensure our pets have a long and healthy life by making sure they are receiving the correct nutrition. Pets will often have different requirements throughout their life but there are core nutrients that they must have in varying quantities throughout their life. Water of course is essential and while a deficit in other things will not put them in jeopardy. Losing 15% of their water can result in death.

Hills pet nutrition advise a good balance of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. You will find products tailor made for your cat or dog to make sure they are getting the correct balance of all of these. Dog nutrition can vary according to age, breed, size and lifestyle but proper pet nutrition is able to cater for all these varying demands.

Hills pet nutrition provides premium products to feed puppies who are growing fast and have high energy and protein requirements. You will find food that is made for small dogs who may struggle with large biscuits and meat and for larger dogs who will relish tearing into something larger.

As with humans, active working dogs will need more calories whereas a dog with a less active lifestyle will not need quite so many or it will be in danger of gaining weight. Older dogs will need less food than their younger more energetic counterparts and may need something which is easy to digest. Food for older dogs will usually have less protein and smaller amounts of certain minerals but will likely have higher levels of other vitamins and fatty acids.

Guide to cat nutrition
Cats are very different from dogs and they must have quite a large amount of meat as they do not tolerate a low protein diet. They also require higher levels of certain amino acids, the building blocks of protein. They can digest some carbohydrates but do not need to eat them; in fact cats are unable to properly digest a type of sugar found in cow’s milk.

The best way to ensure your cat is getting all the nutrition it needs is to feed it a complete diet, that way you can be sure you have not missed anything important, or given too much of something. There are a number of choices form wet food in tins and pouches to dry food. You will find variations for the different life stages of your cat, different breeds and lifestyles. It is actually quite difficult to ensure a cat has a healthy diet by preparing it at home.

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