Stem Cell Collection: An easy way to save life

Stem cell collection is becoming very common now; people are willing to save the umbilical cord blood of their new born baby. Earlier, this cord was discarded after the delivery but with the help of the researchers, it has been found that the blood present in this cord is a very rich source of stem cells. It can be used for curing many diseases like cancer, diabetes, arthritis, leukemia, etc. The overall process of collecting these stem cells is very safe and painless. Both mother and the baby faces no risk, it is simpler than donating blood.  These cells have the potential to save life; many people have used them for transplants or for treating the life threatening diseases.


The best feature of these stem cells is that they can multiply themselves. Once they are injected in the affected area, they renew the withered cells and cure the disease effectively. There are many people who save their child’s cord blood in a private bank s that they can use it easily at the time of need whereas there are some people who just like to donate the stem cells in some public banks for research purposes. Mostly people prefer private banks but here are three very good reasons to save the stem cells in a public bank:

  • Donating a stem cell would cost nothing; one can just get registered with any public bank and can donate the stem cell for free. In the private banks, saving the stem cells cost loads of money, which is not easy to pay. There are many people who cannot afford the private banks due to high service fees. No doubt, it can be used by anyone if matched but till it’s not used; even the donor can use it at the time of emergency.
  • By donating the cord blood, many different lives can be saved. There are many people, who don’t want to store their baby’s stem cells as they have their own reasons. So, in this situation they can either treat it as a waste or can donate the blood so that other lives can be saved.
  • The third and very important reason is that these stem cells can be used for research purpose. Once collected, they are used for discovering new methods and ways to treat the life threatening diseases. Till date, many life threatening diseases are being cured by using these cells and by donating; more treatment options can be researched.

With these very good reasons, its worth to save the cord blood cells in public banks rather than just considering it as waste. Stem cell collection is done by the professionals so that they can be stored and used in the best possible way. Thus, by saving the cord blood stem cells in any type of bank, many lives can be saved easily.

6 years ago

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