The Joys that Come Along with an STD

There is a certain amount of embarrassment that goes along with acquiring a sexually transmitted disease (STD). If there isn’t any shame, then you probably have let your life get out of control at this moment. If you can shrug off an STD, then you must have more serious problems going on at this moment. Either that or you are just used to having them. Below are some of the joys that go along with being diagnosed as having an STD.

Being Tested

Having to call your physician for an appointment and being asked the reason for the visit is equivalent to the walk of shame when admitting that you might have an STD. Most people want to crawl into a hole and drag dirt over top when having that awkward conversation. The worst part is that you know the whole staff realizes why you are there. Sitting out in the waiting room is like being on death row. However, there are other alternatives to getting diagnosed. You can always visit one of the most reliable clinics for STD testing in Montreal.

Calling Up Past Partners

If you are diagnosed with an STD, the confusion about where you got it from can be a bit maddening. If you are sleeping with multiple people, not only do you have to find the one that gave it to you, but you have to tell people that you might have given it to them. It is sort of like becoming a vampire in those old films. You have to track down where it exactly came from, and you also have the ability to make others just like you. It really is not a good power to have.

The Discomfort

The pain and discomfort that goes along with having an STD is not something that you can laugh off. Whichever STD you have acquired, there is going to be some discomfort that comes with it. It is best if you have to call in to miss work, just say you are sick. Otherwise, you will have a stigma on you around the office.


The Cost

Even if you have insurance nowadays, there are huge deductibles associated with most policies. With how high the deductibles are currently, there is a very good chance that you will have to pay out of pocket for the visit or the prescription drugs that will be needed to remedy the problem. Nothing in the medical field is cheap anymore. Be prepared to have your STD cost you a couple hundred dollars.

One of 25

There are 25 diseases that can be transmitted sexually. Perhaps you are one that likes to keep score and have a bucket list. If you are, you only have 24 more STDs to go before you have had them all. It is not quite like collecting baseball cards, but maybe you have a perverse sense of humor.

But a Condom Was Used

Here is some bad news for you. Condoms do not always protect you from acquiring an STD. The most common STD is herpes and it can be passed on even when a condom is used. This is one of the benefits of being in a committed relationship. If you both don’t have an STD at the beginning of the relationship, then there shouldn’t be any problems. If an STD does arrive in your relationship, then you know someone has not been faithful.

If you have come down with an STD, just realize that you are not alone. There are about 20 million cases of STDs a year. While it may be extremely embarrassing, it is quite common.


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