Top Six Tips to Help You Succeed When Giving Up Smoking

Making the decision to stop smoking is the first step. Even making the decision is not easy and requires great willpower. Many people genuinely enjoy smoking and some smoke out of habit and don’t even particularly like it. Stopping smoking is by far from easy. Getting support where you can makes the process a lot easier. There are a number of things you can do and small changes in your life that you can make to make quitting easier.

Positive thinking: Giving up smoking takes a lot of willpower. You need to be in the right state of mind and tell yourself that you can do this. Think positively about the benefits to your health and to those around you when you tell yourself that this is it, you’re giving up for good.

Make a plan: Planning ahead makes many things in life so much easier, and the same applies to quitting smoking. Make a plan, set a date, and stop completely. In the meantime, you can try to make that day easier and cut down gradually. Even if you set your date for in a month’s time, you will benefit because your mind will have time to prepare for the change.

Prepare: You can prepare yourself by telling everyone around you that you are going to be giving up. You might even be able to inspire someone else to give up with you; a team effort will probably be a lot easier than giving up smoking alone. At the same time, prepare your home by getting rid of any ashtrays, lighters, and tobacco lying around your home; especially your emergency stash!

Diet and drink: Consider your diet. Do you tend to enjoy a cigarette after a meal? After-meal cigarettes can be enhanced by the food you eat. Before you quit, try incorporating cheese, veg, and fruit into your meals as they make cigarettes taste horrible, which will help you overcome the habit. The same applies to drinks. Try mixing up your route a little. Alcohol makes many people drink more, so avoid drinking so much in the weeks immediately after you decide to quit.

Cravings: When you experience cravings before giving up smoking; think about it. When are you having cravings the most? Keep track of when cravings occur and try to fill this time with distractions to prevent temptation and change habits before your quitting day arrives.

Support: Remember that you can get support to help you through. You can utilise services online to help you set a plan of action and take the steps to achieve you goal. You can make use of abundant information, a plan of action, and take control with the help of sites running in conjunction with the NHS. You can also contact the NHS Smoking Helpline on 0800 022 4332 (7am to 11pm).

Making the decision to give up smoking is not easy. Don’t assume you need to do it today. Be realistic, set yourself a date, make a plan, and make a few changes to make it easier what that day arrives. Don’t be afraid to get support along the way from reliable sources online that can help you with information and guidance. The sense of achievement and health benefits will be massive in the end.

Article Summary: Giving up smoking is a challenge for many people today. If you have made the decision, then prepare yourself as much as you can. Set a date and get the support you need to ensure you can achieve your goals.

Author Bio: Janifar is a health and well-being blogger based in the UK. Janifar was previously a smoker and highly recommends utilising the support available online for invaluable information and encouragement to help you when giving up smoking.


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